I'm Fiona. 

I remember I was about 6 years old and I said to my sister "I want to be nice and help people!". She might not remember this because we were kids but I never forgot.  I volunteered with various organizations since high school because I knew I wanted to serve others. However,  I was still not fulfilled. Something was still missing in my life.

Until one day, I discovered coaching and here I am, an Associate Certified Coach (ACC), COR.E Transitions Dynamics Specialist™and an Energy Leadership™ Index Master Practitioner. I could not have done this without my own coach. Yes, I practice what I preach. I am investing in my life by partnering with my coach and I want you to do the same and invest in yours.

Who I coach


I partner with individuals who are honest with themselves and are serious about enhancing their lives. Our partnership is 100% confidential so you, as a client, can be your true authentic self. 

I specialize in helping professionals navigate through their career transition. This could mean the followings but is not limited to:

Career change
Finding your passion
Going back to school for training
Landing your dream job 
Starting the new career
Career transition has many stages and many definitions. You can be a student transitioning to the professional world, or a soon-to-be mother going on maternity leave (or going back to work), or you've found your passion and starting in your dream job. Regardless of where you are in your life, I can help you create your own plan, your own rules and create confidence in your choices and decisions. 
How I coach

I am dedicated to support individuals like you, to not only achieve your goals, but to also create awareness of the choices you make. I help you identify your strengths and use them to navigate through any challenges you might encounter.  

We sometimes find ourselves either procrastinating or feeling stuck and cannot move forward to the next stage. I help my clients uncover and release major blocks to accelerate their progress. Together, we'll discover what is important to you and why, and connect that passion to your goal. 

My approach is to coach holistically - from the core. Bringing the unconscious to the conscious. I partner with my clients to achieve their full potential and move through their own obstacles. As a ELI-MP, I use an assessment call Energy Leadership™ Index to show my clients how they view themselves, their lives, situations and the world. This assessment helps my clients be more conscious on how they see and approach life on a good day and how they react to stress. 

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