What's your Superpower?

If you’ve downloaded my FREE Release Your Inner Blocks guide, you’ll know that your limiting beliefs can play a part with you being stuck in your career transition. 

Even after over a decade of being frustrated and complaining about not being able to figure out what I wanted to do with my career, I quickly shut down the idea of being a coach because of my limiting beliefs – coaches are pushy, extremely positive & optimistic.


And that is not who I am.

So what kind of a coach am I? What can I offer my clients no other coaches can? There are so many coaches out there, why should my clients choose me over the others? It’s the same question you might get asked at a job interview ‘Why should we hire you?’.

  1. I’m a realist. You might work hard on one thing but still don’t get what you want. If everyone who worked hard will succeed, why are there so little billionaires out there? HOWEVER, if you only wish you have something, or if you don’t work hard at getting what you want, I can guarantee you won’t get it.
  2. I have Superpowers. Superpowers are traits of who you truly are. No matter what job you take, who you’re talking to, you’re going to be this person. I didn’t make up these Superpowers, these are words from my clients, colleagues and friends.

What are my Superpowers? Thought you’d never ask.

🔸Loyal 🔸Committed 🔸Determined 🔸Great work ethic 🔸Skilled 🔸Insightful 🔸Great listener 🔸Integrity 🔸Reliable 🔸Kind

Want to know what your Superpower is? Head to the “Personal Audit” section in my Career Clarity Workbook and find your Superpower.


I help professional women get unstuck with their career transition by helping them find their own success formula and find the right job.

I was once unsure of my career path for a very long time. I was frustrated, full of fear & self-doubt and felt alone during the whole process.  I help my clients holistically so they can accelerate the process without being held back by the same frustrations, fears & self-doubts.

My clients are able to focus on the process and find their dream job - some with just one session.
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