How do you know if you are ready to switch your job or career?

  • Disengaged
  • Not feel fulfilled
  • Not excited about anything at work
  • Thinking negatively about all aspects of your work
  • Suffering in other parts of your personal life
These signs do not necessarily mean you will switch jobs/career. But it sure is a telltale sign you are feeling some sort of resistance.

(*Note: It is more effective if someone else guides you through this so you can fully concentrate)
1. Take a few deep breaths and clear your mind.
Close your eyes (after you finish reading this)
2. Imagine you waking up from a rested sleep and whatever challenge you are having at work has been resolved. You don't know what happened but it is just magically gone. You know something is different and something happened while you were asleep.
1. What’s the first thing you notice that confirms that something actually did happen?
2. What do you think happened? 
3. How do you feel?
How willing would you be to do your part to make this magical day happen and become your reality?
Sometimes when we feel stuck, we don’t really know what is holding us back. This method helps you uncover where the roadblock is and figure out if you want to make a change to your current situation. When I was going through my coaching certification at iPEC, I went through this exercise and found this method to be very helpful because I felt the relieved before I even knew what was holding me back. I felt - free. 
Not sure how to get unstuck or where to start with a job change? Schedule a Career Clarity call with me and together we’ll find out what your next career chapter could look like.