My friend texted me recently ‘I think I’m going to start looking for a new job, this company isn’t for me anymore.’. It wasn’t too long ago where she was still boasting about how happy she was at the company. She was in her honeymoon phase even waaaaaay beyond the honeymoon phase.


So what changed?


There were many things that led her to her decision. If you’re like my friend, who either suddenly or slowly feels unmotivated, unenthusiastic, or uninspired by your job, here are 3 questions to ask yourself to help you narrow down why you feel that way.


  1. What are my priorities and how satisfied am I of my top 3 priorities?

If you’ve been to any of my presentations, you’ve heard me say this: How satisfied are you with your top 3 priorities? If your priorities are not being fulfilled, chances are, it is bleeding into and affecting other parts of your life. Eg, if you are having family problems, chances are, it is weighing on your mind and affecting other parts of your life. So it will make sense that you feel a lack of motivation at work because your focus is on the family problem. It takes a lot more effort to push those thoughts and feelings of the family problem aside. You’ll use a lot more energy to stay focused on your work.

  1. Are my values still aligned with the company/department value?

One of the reasons when you accept a job offer, it’s because the company value is aligned with yours. You see potential and you’re excited. As time goes on, your values might shift. And so can the company’s. This can happen suddenly with a change of management, or it could happen slowly where management decides to take things in a different direction. If your feelings just seem off with the company, evaluate your values with the current company value and see if they are still aligned.

  1. What do you envision yourself doing in a year? How is your current situation supporting that vision?

If #1 & 2 are not the issue, ask yourself ‘Is my current situation supporting my 1 year vision?’. If what you’re doing right now does not support your one year vision, that could be the reason why you’re feeling out of sort.


Schedule a call with me and let’s go through these questions together. Let’s discover together what you can do next to help you feel motivated, inspired and enthusiastic again.


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