Prepare your career for a recession

The recession is coming! Yikes, does that mean I’m going to be out of a job soon? Am I going to be affected? Is my company/industry going to be affected? If a recession is coming, everyone will be affected one way or another. So how do you prepare your career for the recession?


Here are 4 things you can do right now that can help you if your job is eliminated.


1. Look for emerging industries

If the unfortunate happens (getting laid off), you’re most likely going to look for something immediately in your current field. It makes sense because it is something you are familiar with and there will be a very small learning curve. But chances are, if your company is affected by the recession, others in your field are too. This brings a huge competition in a smaller pool of available jobs. By the time you start thinking outside of the box, you’re going to be anxious, overwhelmed and panicky. Let’s start looking for careers outside of your field. What are other fields your skill sets can thrive in? Once you have a few in mind, do some research and informational interviews with those already in the industry (and perhaps in the role you’ll like to be in), and find out if this field is for you.


2. Network

Networking is something we all can work on throughout the year. Start now! There are two types of networking you can do right now.

  • Social networking. You have friends, ex-colleagues, suppliers etc that you have a good rapport with. You don’t have to do everything alone. Those in your network will advocate for you. But you need to be top of their mind. Reach out and reconnect. When the time comes and you do
  • Professional networking. Connect with people in your industry or in the industries you want to go into. Join professional groups, attend conferences, start a conversation with someone on LinkedIn. Once you have made a solid connection, ask them to refer you to another person who they might think is beneficial for both parties. This warm introduction will make the process a lot easier.


3. Make sure your finances are in good shape

It always seems to be easier to find a new job when you are currently in a job. And face it, the fear of not having enough money in your bank account to pay for bills is scary. Start looking into your finances and see how long you can go without an income before panic sets in. And have a back up plan ready if unemployment does go longer than expected. By planning out a solution for your fear, you can then set aside the fear and focus on job search.


4. Don’t sweat it

We can’t predict the future. Don’t worry too much about something you cannot control. Yes, being let go can be a possibility but it also might not happen. So why worry so much about something that might never happen? Focus on the moment and enjoy your life.

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