Life is like shopping

I went shopping with a friend’s 9 year old daughter. Her daughter wanted everything she saw, but she would say to herself ‘Too expensive!’ when she saw the price. She learned to do this while on vacation. My friend had told her she had to use her own money for things she wanted to buy. So when she saw something she liked, she would calculate how much she’d have left and decide if she really wanted it or not.

This applies to everything in our lives. It is a constant negotiation between what we want in life and what we are willing to give up and pass us by. Instead of evaluating a toy’s worth, we evaluate our choices with our time, effort and energy.

Do I really want to spend that much effort and energy into this? At the end of the day, I’m only left with ‘X’ amount for other parts of my life.

Sometimes we get too bogged down with our everyday. We go on autopilot and forget why we do the things that we do.

That’s why it is so important for us to know what we want in life so we don’t waste our efforts. The more clear we are of what we want, the better equipped we are to evaluate what is worth our time, effort and energy.

Let’s get together and list out what’s important to you right now. You can start eliminating things that sway you away from what you want.

About Fiona

I help professional women get unstuck with their career transition by helping them find their own success formula and find the right job.

I was once unsure of my career path for a very long time. I was frustrated, full of fear & self-doubt and felt alone during the whole process.  I help my clients holistically so they can accelerate the process without being held back by the same frustrations, fears & self-doubts.

My clients are able to focus on the process and find their dream job - some with just one session.

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