I want to take this opportunity to personally thank you for being here. I am so thankful I am able to share my voice with you. Today, I want to share with you 3 lessons I’ve learned professionally this year, and I hope this might help you in the new year.

1. Creating a schedule is key to keep myself on track

Funny enough, I have a schedule for everything else in my life, yet when it came to my business, I didn’t. I trusted my intuition and did whatever came to mind. Nope! Not my best idea.

Two reasons I discovered why it is super important to have a schedule:

a. Gives me a full picture of my plan/vision.

Without the full picture, I only saw the immediate impact. The full picture of ‘Why’ wasn’t there. And I was doing extra things that didn’t make any impact. Although not a complete waste of time, I could have done something more meaningful.

b. I get to see my progress when I crossed things off the list.

Have you ever said:

‘I don’t even know where the day has gone?’

‘I was busy but I don’t remember what I did.’

When I was just ‘doing’ things, I didn’t feel like I achieved anything. I just did them and then moved on to the next. I didn’t see how much I have accomplished because everything I did were little things. But these little things contributed to the big picture and had an impact. That’s why crossing things off showed me what I had done. And how I spent my day, and not look back saying ‘What did I do all day?’

2. I will always need a coach

The coaching mastermind group I’m in had decided to take a two-month break. At the beginning, I was still keeping myself accountable, I was continuing to move forward with my own thing but then I just couldn’t anymore because all I really wanted to do was – nothing. And then my imposter syndrome kicked in – how can I coach others when I can’t even coach myself back into doing work? Then I realized, I am no different than anyone else. I need my coach! It doesn’t matter how good I am as a coach, I am too close and attached to my challenges. It is just different when someone else is asking the same questions I’ve asked myself.

a. You have to say it out loud. All the excuses or BS you’ve been telling yourself suddenly sound ridiculous.

b. You’ll looking at your situation in a different angle, a different perspective. Because you have only been looking at the same situation with one set of lenses. Your coach will ask you to take that pair of yellow glasses off and put on the green pair.

3. Think outside my box to kick away the guilt

Between family, work, other obligations and the insane need to wind down at the end of the day, I was feeling guilty I didn’t spend enough time creating content for my audience. Which is something I absolutely love. Finally, one day while in the shower (I come up with the brightest ideas in there), I realized I am spending all my day’s energy on things that do not need my undivided attention. And when it came to creating content, I was doing it late at night after putting my daughter to bed, when all I wanted to do was stay in bed and chill.

Then I thought, why not wake up at 5am when everyone is still sleeping? I get peace and quiet, I get to enjoy my coffee before it gets cold and I also get to use my freshly rested brain to create. Don’t get me wrong, I love my sleep, but the guilt was literally eating me up and I knew I would go down a downward spiral if this guilt wasn’t addressed. I had to give up something – my late-night mindless scrolling on social. Do I really need to lay in bed for 2 hours with my eyes ½ opened? No. Do I miss it? No. Because I still do it. But my love of sleep tells my brain to warn me “You’ll need to be up at 5am, put that phone down!”.

This concept isn’t new. Many successful people have been doing this forever. I just didn’t think it would be for me. But now that I’ve tried it and see how productive my days have become, I’m a true believer.

What lessons have you learned about yourself this year? I’d love to hear it and maybe I will even adapt your lessons for myself. Share with me your biggest take of 2021.


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