3 things you can do if you have 
Imposter Syndrome

Do you sometimes think you’re not as good as everyone else thinks?

Do you believe your accomplishments were just luck?

Do you discredit your efforts and contributions?

Do you self-criticize? 

Do you feel uncomfortable when given a compliment?


These are all signs of imposter syndrome. 


There is no easy way or one method to fix imposter syndrome.  Your imposter syndrome is a combination of many things including fear and lack of confidence.  And to overcome imposter syndrome (like many other things) takes awareness and to continuously discover and understand yourself. Only then, you can start to intentionally work on overcoming imposter syndrome. 


Here are 3 things you can try to help you with your imposter syndrome: 


Stick to the facts

Imposter syndrome is an emotional response. You’re thinking about what others might think of you. You’re worrying about the imposter police knocking at your door to expose you. All these are just fears you’re creating without any facts. Each time you create a narrative, ask yourself ‘Do I have any facts/evidence to back it up?’. 


Stop comparing

Don’t measure your success with others. Your journey is different from those you’re comparing yourself to. Your life, strengths, abilities, priorities, visions are different.  The more you focus on others, the less you’re focusing on yourself. 


Accept who you are

Accept there is always someone who knows more and can do a better job than you.  You’re not perfect. Whatever you’ve accomplished, there will always be someone who did it better or faster. But that doesn’t mean you didn’t do it well. 


Here’s an exercise you can do with these two questions: 


What is the imposter syndrome reminding you to do?

What purposeful message do you want to replace the imposter syndrome message with?


Let’s schedule a call and go over this exercise.



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