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Have you ever find yourself:

  • In meetings all day with no actual work done?
  • Having 5 emails open with ½ drafted responses?
  • With 10 tabs open on the browser.
  • Scrolling on social which was supposed to be 1 video turned into 3 hours?

Yeah, I’ve done all that.

Here is one thing I do to be more productive with my time….my Calendar.

If you find yourself easily distracted by your phone while working, set a calendar reminder for when you can check your phone. Then put your phone away, and only when the reminder goes off, you can check your phone.

If you’re like me who always check my emails when I hear the ping, schedule time blocks in your calendar for when you can check your emails. For example:

9am - 9:30am Check and respond to emails

11:30am - 12pm Check and respond to emails

3pm - 3:30pm Check and respond to emails

Sometimes we create this narrative in our heads that we have to respond right the way to everything. In reality, I don’t expect anyone to reply to me immediately, so others don’t either. Why do I need to check my email so often?

If you’re distracted by too many tasks (ie meetings after meetings with no time to do the actual work), block out times in your calendar for when you’re going to take action on the work. When you don’t block off those times in your calendar, you’re always going to be available in your mind (and others).


So use your calendar!

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