How Do You Show Up?

Did you know, you have a set of go-to energy during your day-to-day? And you also use a different go-to energy during stressful situations. How are these go-to energy going to help you with your job search journey?

Do any of these sound like you:


  • I just don’t have any talents.

  • There’s nothing else I can do, maybe I’m just meant to do what I’m currently doing forever.

  • I’ve tried this, I’ve tried that, but nothing ever worked out. It just isn’t fair.


  • I am good at everything. It is their loss they can’t see my talent!

  • I need to find a job with a better title. I have to climb the ladder to succeed in my career.

  • These coaches are useless. I know what’s best so I’m not going to waste my time and money on them.


  • I know I don’t have as much experiences as others, so it makes sense that I didn’t get picked.

  • I can find something that’s for me if I put effort into it.

  • What I’m doing right now might not be bad. The grass might not always be greener on the other side.


  • I love to help a company succeed

  • I enjoy being in a team environment

  • I like to support in anyway


  • After talking to the company, I have identified some areas I can help them flourish.

  • I find doing post-mortems really create a better starting point for future projects

  • Everything turns out for the best, even if I can’t see it that way at the time.


  • Planning is just a guide; everything in between will determine the actual outcome.

  • I don ‘t focus on the end results; the goal is the task at hand.

  • Even if I fail, I total enjoy the process of getting there.


  • There’s no failing or succeeding, they’re just a label we create.

  • Everything I do is like writing my own life. Every step I take, I contribute to the chapter.

  • There is no need to fear, every step I take will ultimately take me to the same ending.

Looking at these self talks, is there one group you want to embody more than the one you’re currently doing?

Imagine you can see more than one outcome. Imagine you can feel joy every step of your journey?

What if I told you that your energy is one of the reasons that is standing in your way from finding the job that is right for you?

Want to find out what your default energies are and work together to another set of energies that might better suited for your job search journey? Take the Energy Leadership Index Assessment!

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