Those are the words I longed to say but never got to. I was working for a company with a very toxic culture.

Why did I stay?

Financial stability, flexibility & comfort.

Why am I telling you this? Because I want you to give yourself the power and permission to say “I choose to stay”.

When you feel like you don’t have a choice, you’re going to feel resistance. You’re going to feel resentment. These are heavy feelings. I was once that person who said “I have to stay, I need the money.”. I tried looking for other jobs but nothing resonated with me and I decided to stay. I was comfortable, I knew what I was doing and I was good at it. I chose to stay because I realized I could use this job to my advantage.

Figuring out why your current work situation is important to you?

Ask yourself:

  • Why are you still at your current job?
  • How is your current job helping you now?
  • How is this current job helping your future?
Taking all the ‘have to’ and ‘need to’ out of your answers. Simply state the facts: My current job is financially supporting me until I figure out what I want to do next. The fact is, when we use language like ‘have to’ or ‘need to’ etc., it creates a tunnel vision where we only see one option. By rephrasing it, it allows us to see beyond that one option. You are able to see other choices (good or bad) and accept that you chose this option because it feeds into a greater purpose.

Know when to quit

There are so many quotes out there saying quitting isn’t the answer. Most of the time, I want to say it is true. However, if you are unhappy and it is affecting your mental and physical health, it is a sign to really evaluate if staying is worth it.

Your health is probably high up in your priorities. Without your health, you won’t even be able to work, period. If you have exhausted all options and you are still feeling unhappy and affecting your health, know it is ok if you choose to leave.

Everyone’s situation is different. If you want to chat about yours and figure out if you should stay at your current job or move on, schedule a session with me.

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About Fiona

I help professional women get unstuck with their career transition by helping them find their own success formula and find the right job.

I was once unsure of my career path for a very long time. I was frustrated, full of fear & self-doubt and felt lonely during the whole job search process.  I help my clients holistically so they can accelerate the process without being held back by the same frustrations, fears & self-doubts.

My clients are able to focus on the process and find their dream job - some with just one session.