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So you’ve got rid of all those pesky thoughts (If you haven’t gotten my free guide to ‘Clear the Clutter - Releasing your Inner Blocks’ - get it here. Now you’re ready to find your passion. But how? This is going to take some self assessment, research, some work and a whole lot of patience. If this doesn’t sound like something you want to do, it’s ok. Not everyone wants to find fulfillment in their work. They find fulfillment elsewhere in their lives. 
Before we dive in, I want to clarify, I’m talking about your passion. A job that really excites you, not what you’re good at doing.  I once thought I wanted to work in the marketing department of a non-profit. I wanted to help others and the only way I knew was to use my existing career skills (I'm in marketing) and indirectly help by doing their marketing, because I’m good at marketing. And guess what, I didn’t put as much effort into it because it was not my passion. And eventually, I just stopped applying for marketing positions in non-profit. 
In order to figure out what your passion is, you’ll want to identify some 'Must Haves'. These must haves will help you cross reference any possible careers that you come across that might spark an interest. 

Write out the top 3 'Must Haves' that will make you feel fulfilled and keep it somewhere handy so whenever you come across an idea, you can quickly see if it matches your list. 
For me, they were:
1. Helping others directly 
2. Marketing component that includes creativity 
3. Problem resolution 
I identified these by looking at what was missing and what I didn’t want to give up from my current situation. Here is an example. I volunteered most of my life but I still didn’t feel fulfilled. I couldn’t understand why because I kept saying all I want was to help people. And I was!  So why did I still feel so empty?!  I realized I wanted to help in specific ways. I started re-examining the different organizations I volunteered with and figured out I wanted to help others by identifying and solving an issue for them.
You dismissed a career because you believed it wouldn't bring in the income that you want. Or you thought you were not qualified to do the job. Or you didn’t think you could go back for training because of your age or financial situation. 

1. Create a list of all those careers that you’ve dismissed.

2. Remove all those beliefs you had of those careers. Don’t worry about those beliefs for now. I know you’re still thinking about them but just pretend money, knowledge & qualifications aren't a factor (or any other beliefs that stopped you from going further).

3. Go back to those professions and redo your research with an opened mind. When we already have a preconception of how the outcome is going to be (it is not going to pay me enough, I will need to go back to school etc), we don’t truly see all the details. Going into the research without any bias judgement, you will be able to see the true picture.

4. Do any of these jobs match your must have list?
If they don't, then go to ‘How do I find my passion?’ below.
If they do, speak to at least 3 people who are in that profession and do an informational interview with them. This will further help you figure out if this career is for you.

Now that you have your 'Must Have' list, you are better equipped to find your passion. The next step?

Let’s start with the people around you. What do they do? Do you know what they do daily at their jobs?

This is a great place to start. Connect with friends, family, acquaintances who you kind of know what they do but not really. See if any of their professions peak your interest. Don’t just think about what they do, think about the industry they are in.

For example, if your friend is a pilot, is this an industry that interest you? Is there something within the airline industry that you find interesting. Maybe plane designs, or flight scheduling, or even someone who aids the young or disabled. Being curious will really help you see what jobs are out there that are outside of your normal scope.

Don’t limit yourself to people you meet only, notice people you ‘meet’ through conversations, reading, or even podcasts etc.

A while back I listened to a couple of podcasts because I wanted to get inspiration for my coffee scrub business. If you haven’t tried coffee scrubs before…try it. It is messy but damn, you’re literally brewing coffee in the shower. I listened to one podcast and I was drawn to this guest speaker Marie Forleo. I started listening to her podcast every week. Marie is a life coach (and a lot of other things). While listening to another podcast, there were multiple episodes on coaches. All those signs all pointed at coaching for me, yet I didn’t look it up until years later. 

Share your 'Must Have' list with them. Ask them if they can think of any professions that match your list. This is how I found my passion. One of my friend suggested I look into coaching because it matched what I said I was missing in my life. 

It doesn’t only have to be during work hours, you can draw inspiration with any part of your life. Notice the things you do that time seems to fly by.  You realize after that you have no clue where the time has gone.

For example, are you someone who loves to organize your house. When you’re spring cleaning, you can spend days doing it and it doesn’t feel like work. And you find every time you go to someone’s house or a store, you have plans in your head to make the flow better? This could be your passion. Maybe you can be a professional organizer or event planner or home stager. 
Remember at the beginning I told you to forget about the beliefs you have and keep an open mind? If you have found your passion, you will make it work because it is something that absolutely excites you and will make you feel complete.  

Olympic athletes, they don’t get paid a lot for what they do. They sacrifice a lot with what they do. They often have second jobs because they need income to fund their daily lives. Some live with their parents and most live a very modest life. They make it work because what they do is their passion. I know I'm talking about extraordinary people with super talents. But my point is, if it is your passion - your super talent, then you will make it work.

Here’s my story. When I realized I wanted to be a coach, I wanted to get certified which means I had to go back for training. At the same time, my family was looking to move (so we were looking at houses and packing and unpacking and additional financial burden),  and I was working a 9-5 and I also had a 2 year old at that time. But I made it work and you can too. I am no different than you. 

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