Best way to make hard decisions

Sometimes making decisions can be overwhelming.  You want to make the best choice possible.  That pressure sometimes can be paralyzing.

The other day, someone scheduled a session with me. She needed help with making a decision.

We went on the call and I was surprised she already knew what she should do. She wanted validation from me.

Without giving her my opinion, I used the holographic thinking technique to help her be more confident with her decision.

Holographic thinking is using your Logic, Emotion and Intuition to give you a holistic view to help you make the decision.

Logic: What is your head telling you?
Emotion: How do you feel about each choice?
Intuition: What is your gut feeling when presented with the choices?

We all have a default way of making decisions. If you’re a logical person, you typically analyze the situation and make decisions by using the analyzed data. Try adding your emotion to the mix. Does it bring up any feelings when thinking about your logical choice? What are these feelings telling you? Then use your intuition and see which choice you’re drawn to. For those who don’t know what intuition looks like, have you ever said ‘I knew I should have done that instead!’? That was your intuition sending you strong signals.

If you typically use emotions to make decisions, stop and think what would each choice mean? How will it affect you and others? Then use your intuition to help you complete the holographic thinking.


If you typically use your intuition, find out how you feel about the decision. Think about why you feel that way and what other opportunities are there for you to uncover.


No decision is perfect because outside influences can affect any outcome.  No matter how many ‘What if’ scenarios you come up with, there can be a scenario that is a complete surprise. Put the ‘What if’ aside and use this holographic technique to help you make your decision.


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