Can coaching really help?

I recently talked to a fellow coach and the topic of the perception of coaching came up. So I thought I’ll come on here and tell you my personal experience.


If you have been to my presentations, you might have heard me tell this story (Sorry you have to hear it again! I’ll keep it short). When my friend suggested I should look into being a coach, I was very very very reluctant to even look into it.


This was because I had a certain image of a coach:

  1. Very optimistic

  2. Super pushy

  3. Telling you your problems will be solved if you will just be more positive

  4. Create a cult-like following to get more clients


No wonder I was resistant to even looking up what coaching is, because:

  1. I’m a realist

  2. I don’t like to push (except for telling my daughter to eat her veggies)

  3. I believe in working hard does not guarantee you success


It wasn’t until I looked up coaching then I realized it actually checked off all the boxes for me. These are just a few reasons that drew me into coaching:

  • Create self awareness

  • Prioritize what’s important

  • Reframing your perspective can help you get unstuck

  • Speaking out loud can stop overthinking

  • Helps you achieve your goal one step at a time


So why do people (including the old me) have a different perception of coaches?


That’s because they haven’t experienced professional coaching.


Professional coaches:

  • Ask a lot of questions from a curious, non-judgmental place.

  • They don’t inject their personal opinion telling you what you should do. The best person to know what they should do…is yourself.

  • They create space for you to explore.

  • They challenge you current way of thinking and belief and push you outside of your comfort zone.

  • They are your cheerleader.


In my own experience, without coaching, I wouldn’t be able to:


  1. Complete my coaching certification while working a full time job, moving homes and taking care of a toddler

  2. Approached organizations to propose my presentation

  3. Doing speaking engagements in front of large groups of audience

  4. Wrote two published articles


None of those would be possible without coaching.


Many people cannot see the benefits of coaching because they think this is ‘extra’. Because you don’t need a coach to achieve your goals. And they are right, you don’t. But having a coach will help you accelerate the process way faster than you can imagine. The ROI on this is something you cannot measure. Because the lessons you learn about yourself can and will be applied to your future self. It can be life changing.

If you’ve been wondering if you should hire a coach, I encourage you to speak to someone who’s had positive experiences with a coach. Ask them why they thought it was beneficial.


In the meantime, check out some of my client testimonials. Click here to go to my home page and scroll to the bottom to Testimonials.


I am not here to try to sell you my services. I’m here to show you how valuable it can be to hire a coach.  Let’s have a chat and see how you can use a coach to benefit your current situation.


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