Are you chasing career happiness?

My friend had a lunch and learn the other day with Deepak Chopra. I asked her how it went and she said it was very zen.

Her biggest take was: ‘Life without happiness is pointless.’

This got me thinking. How many people are currently chasing career happiness because they are unhappy with their lives right now?

They think once they reach their goal, whether it is getting a promotion or a new job/career, that will fix whatever is making them unhappy.

Here’s a thought.

Why wait until you get that promotion or that new job to be happy?

Be happy with what you have.

I know, sounds very cliché. Here me out.

I’m not saying to forgo your dream. I’m saying don’t chase after your happiness.

I’m saying be happy with what you have right now AND also chase your dream.

If you’re still saying ‘But I can’t because…’, then what you’re doing right now is hoping once you reach your goal, it will fix your problem and you’ll happy again. But when you get there, you’ll realize it’s only temporary.

There is no guarantee you will be happy even after you reach your goal.

What you’re trying to do is patch work.

Instead of taking the time to investigate and find a solution to what is making you leak out your happiness, you’re putting tape over the leak.

And I’ll bet you the source of that leak doesn’t only pertain to your career.

You cannot ‘fix’ your way through life by patching up your leaks. Find the source and properly repair it and start being happy.

Yes, I know I said ‘I’ll bet you’. Let’s have a chat and find out if I’m wrong. We’ll discuss the bet. 😉

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