Are you struggling with your work? 

Are you struggling with your job (or part of your job)? Here’s what I discovered about my own struggles.

This is who I am

  • I am responsible & reliable.

  • I love structure & being prepared.

So why was it such a struggle when it came to doing things for my business? Why was I so unreliable towards my own business? I don’t mean I wouldn’t show up for meetings or commitments. Like I said, I’m reliable and responsible so you know I will be there.

What I mean is why was I so inconsistent with doing all the behind the scene things? Why did I struggle so much?

Then I realized, I was taught:

  • To be good

  • To listen and do what I was told

  • To respect others


But I was never taught:

  • To be good to myself

  • To do what I want to do

  • To put myself first


No wonder I was struggling. I relied on others to tell me what to do. I put everyone’s importance in front of my own (including my clients’). So it felt sooooooo foreign to me when I didn’t have people telling me what to do and when to do it and how to do it.

Feeling foreign doesn’t mean it is wrong. It just means I have to do more of it to make it feel less weird.

I started waking up at 5am to do all the backend work (including writing this post) so I can:

  1. Keep myself accountable

  2. Create consistency

  3. Putting my needs first and use my energy on things that are important to me before everyone uses up my energy throughout the day

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About Fiona

I help professional women get unstuck with their career transition by helping them find their own success formula and find the right job.

I was once unsure of my career path for a very long time. I was frustrated, full of fear & self-doubt and felt alone during the whole process.  I help my clients holistically so they can accelerate the process without being held back by the same frustrations, fears & self-doubts.

My clients are able to focus on the process and find their dream job - some with just one session.

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