3 Things to QUIT today and be more happy at work.


You might think saying yes is helpful and shows you’re a team player. But agreeing to do everything can have the opposite effect. You’re taking your time away from your own tasks and your team. Have you ever wondered why others keep asking youn for help? That’s because they know you won’t say no. If they need something done, let’s ask 'you', they’ll help.

What you can do instead:

Be very clear of what is important to you and your team. Assess your priorities and see if the task being asked fits into the picture. If it does not, politely decline by saying something like: 'I’d love to help but I’m not able to assist you at this time. Let’s figure out who the next best person you can ask to help you with this.’


When you’ve done something that is out of the normal, you might think, Oh, it’s no big deal. By thinking or saying it’s no big deal, you’re telling yourself and other’s your work isn’t valuable. If you continue to think this way, you’re going to start feeling you haven’t achieved much at work. And that is going to reflect on your performance review.

What you can do instead:

Keep a list or journal of your ‘wins’, big or small. As you journal, it will help you with the uncomfortable feeling of being ‘braggy’. This will also help you during performance review time to bring up your achievements. You’re not going to remember all the things you did 6 months ago. You can just pull out the list and summarize all your achievements.


When work starts being comfortable, you’ll start losing interest in your work and your sense of purpose. There is no challenge or growth.

What you can do instead:

Know what you want out of your career. Find new things to learn or do that is going to help you excel and progress in your career.

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