3 things to start immediately for your career transition

With the recent news of Shopify and the looming rumours of an economic downturn, do you have a strategic plan for unexpected circumstances?

We can never prepare ourselves for devastating news. But we can make it easier for ourselves if it ever happens.

Here are 3 things you can start doing right now and continue for the rest of your professional life. You read it right, don’t stop. Even if you never lose your job. Even if you were just hired for the perfect job. Even if you love your job and never plan to leave.

Your career is an investment. You have to invest time; build relationships and work on self-improvement.

  1. Network regularly to keep yourself top-of-mind with your network

By regularly connecting with your network, your connections already know who you are and what you’re looking for by the time you do reach out when you're looking for a new job. This makes the process that much quicker and easier.

Networking regularly will also keep you top-of-mind with your connections. If they hear a company is looking for someone who is similar to what you’re looking for, they might reach out to you for the opportunity.

  1. Write down your achievements throughout the year and update your resumé

Updating your resumé is a big. From your achievements to % of ROI, sometimes these details aren’t easily recalled. If you suddenly have to leave your job, you might not have the opportunity to go back and find out the details. Why not document all the information as you’re accomplishing them? When it is time to do a full resumé update, you’ll have all the details ready.

  1. Work with a coach to support your career next steps and mindset

Many of my clients come to me when they’re frustrated with their current job or job search process and cannot see a way out of their current state. I often wish they would have contacted me sooner so I could have helped prevent the magnitude of their frustration.

If you ever unexpectedly lose your job, it is going to be an emotional process. A coach can support you and help you figure out what is the best approach for you and your current situation.

For those who might think ‘Why would I be paying someone to help me when I just unexpectedly lost my job?’. I understand the concern, I was one of them. Instead of prolonging the transition while feeling stuck and frustrated, hiring a coach is going to accelerate the process of you finding your next job.

Here’s an example:

A client quit her job and after 8 months, she was unable to secure a job. Her monthly expense was approximately $1,300 X 8 = $10,400 of personal savings used.

The client worked with me for 2 months for a fee of $2,000. Adding their regular monthly expense $1,300 X 2 = $2,600, the total expense of 2 months = $4,600. She landed a job within the time she worked with me.

In a fraction of the time, my client was able to start earning an income. But most important of all, she discovered a lot about herself and was able to use her new learning/findings for the future.

Let’s start investing in you. Schedule a complimentary call with me and let’s talk.

About Fiona

I help professional women get unstuck with their career transition by helping them find their own success formula and find the right job.

I was once unsure of my career path for a very long time. I was frustrated, full of fear & self-doubt and felt alone during the whole process.  I help my clients holistically so they can accelerate the process without being held back by the same frustrations, fears & self-doubts.

My clients are able to focus on the process and find their dream job - some with just one session.
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