3 tips for your next interview:

Before, During & After

Interviews are a form of public speaking. You’re doing majority of the talking and all eyes are on YOU.

These emotions/thoughts are doing laps inside your body, jumping up and down in your head and distracting you from what you truly want to achieve. 


Letting go of expectations

You want to do well. But that puts pressure on yourself. You expect yourself to answer all the questions flawlessly. You expect it to run smoothly. You might even expect at the end of the interview you’ll get some sort of reward - the job offer.


What if the only expectation you have is doing the best you can at that very moment?

Focus on the present and not what might be.

You can’t predict the future. So having a certain expectation that is out of your control is only going to detract your focus. The pressure you’re creating does not add any value, so let’s try something new. Put that expectation aside.


Stop over analyzing

You stumbled on a word that you wanted to use but you couldn’t remember it. Or maybe you replied ‘You too!’ when they said ‘Thanks for joining us today.’.


You immediately become flustered and think ‘Great, they think I’m an idiot.’

You’re looking at the interviewer and you’re unable to read their expression and worry they’re unimpressed.

These are all your thoughts. Not theirs.

The more you are analyzing the situation, the less focused you are on your interview. You can’t control what has already happened, you can’t control what others are thinking.

So let’s not over analyze during your interview. Be present and not analyzing what happened 2 minutes ago.


Don’t take it personally

‘I like rejections’… says no one ever. But when you’re not getting job offers, that’s what it feels like - rejection.

When you don’t receive a job offer, they’re not rejecting you. They are not saying they don’t want you.

They’re saying we think this other person is a better fit for what we need right now. I’m highlighting ‘think’ because it is just a guess. That’s why there’s a probationary period.

The outcome truly has nothing to do with you personally.

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