Are you stuck in a job/career?
And you're not sure what you want to do next.

Hi I'm Fiona, I am here to help you get unstuck and find clarity of what the next step will be for your career by helping you find your own success formula.

Is ‘I don’t know’ the common answer you give when someone asks you ‘What do you really want to do?’. 

Or the phrase 'Just do it!' seems easy to say but so hard do?

It doesn’t have to be that way. You don’t have to feel trapped, you can find a career that is meaningful to you.

With my support, you will:
  • Discover what obstacles are preventing you from finding career clarity
  • Find your own success formula to your career path
  • Create a personalized developmental roadmap for your ideal career 

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    Sound Familiar?
  • You feel stuck at your job and not sure what to do next
  • You've lost motivation/passion for your job
  • You don't know if you want to start over because you've invested so much time in your current job
  • You'd quit your job but you need to pay the bills 
  • You know you're meant to do more or something else
  • Your life outside of work seems to take a lot more effort
  • You are ready to make a change
You feel frustrated, overwhelmed and lost with your career (and for some, your life).
Figure out what your inner dialogue is saying. 
"I wish I have..."
"I'm too old/young to..."
"I can't start all over..."
Finding clarity on what you want to achieve for your career & in life
Creating your personal strategy and reframing your mindset to achieve your ideal life & career. 

Who I Coach

I partner with professionals who are honest with themselves and are serious about enhancing their lives. Our partnership is 100% confidential so you, as a client, can be your true authentic self. 

I specialize in helping professional women navigate through their career transition.

This could mean the followings but is not limited to:

Finding your passion
Career change
Starting the new career
Landing the right job 
Career transition has many stages and many definitions.  Regardless of where you are in your life, I can help you create your own plan, your own rules and create confidence in your choices and decisions. 
Gain clarity on what you really want in your career and your life. Learn more.
Discover what has worked for you in the past and what other opportunities are available. Learn more.
Find out how your current view of your life/situation is holding you back and how you can reach your potential. Learn more.


Picture of client SG
 Sanaz G.
Marketing  Manager

"Fiona truly offers a unique perspective on issues that we all struggle with by identifying behavioural patterns that most of us are not even aware of. She's resourceful, candid and caring but what really sets her apart is providing the right tools that lead to tangible results. You don't just talk about your goals with Fiona, you're compelled to take the necessary steps to achieve them with her support."
 SF, Toronto, ON.

"After having one session with Fiona, I feel lighter and full. She asked me thought provoking questions and helped me get to the root of my problem. The hour I spent with Fiona, gave me some new insight about myself. I'm very grateful for the time I spent with her."
Picture of client CT
Criselda T.
UX Designer

"I took Fiona on as my life coach during my career transition and I'm so glad I did. Starting a new career over is hard enough, but doing it during a pandemic and tough job market was a new challenge. Working with Fiona really helped me to stay in a positive, goal-oriented mindset even through tough losses. She asks the right questions to help curb my perspective and see situations in a new light. I can't speak highly enough of Fiona and have recommended her to many of my friends!"
Shannon M. 
Project Manager

"It was very interesting to see my results from the ELI assessment - it really put into context about how I respond to certain scenarios and where I can improve. After meeting with Fiona for a few sessions, I felt like I was armed with tools that would help with any situation, so I can be proactive and approach a scenario with confidence, while also increasing my awareness of others' behaviour and tendencies.  It is an extremely useful skill to have in any professional environment, and will definitely prove useful throughout my career."
Olena D.
Senior Marketing Operations Manager

"Fiona is great - supportive, understanding, helpful, and friendly. A kind person worth talking to. Fiona took the time to hear me out, reassured me that I was on the right track, and encouraged me to persevere strategically. Not only is Fiona thoughtful, providing useful advice and guidance, she is interested and invested in your success and the outcomes of your pursuits."
Julia Rose V.
Operations Manager

"I am a highly emotional and logical person and I find Fiona's coaching approach very compatible with me.

She, herself is quite logical and organized so it feels like she "gets it" right away when I nosedive into whatever it is in my mind. She helps me reorganize my thoughts into a shape or form that is more manageable and less daunting. She acknowledges my regular challenges of prioritization and helps me feel it's OK when I don't get everything I don't get done, done. (I regularly [grossly] underestimate the amount of time something will take vs. how long it actually takes.)

Fiona remains level headed and calm in all our conversations which helps when you're spinning out with overwhelm. I am a verbal processor so I need to speak out loud my thoughts sometimes even if they don't make sense, but when she reflects it back, it somehow does make sense.

I truly appreciate the time we spend together and am grateful for all the moments of clarity gained through our conversations."
Anna A. 

"Working with Fiona was transformational. I wouldn't have started my business if it was not for her support and coaching. She's a great listener and pushed me to think outside of the box and be more than I imagined I could be."
HR Professional

"I was navigating through some life changes and thankfully I have Fiona as my coach that has helped me throughout this transition. She approaches her work with empathy and has a holistic approach to coaching noting that all elements in life are interconnected. She asks the right questions, and we were able to set specific goals on areas for development from the get-go. Fiona has developed great resources such as her Career Clarity Start Up Kit that has helped me tremendously throughout this journey! Honestly this has been the best investment I have made for my own self growth. Thank you Fiona!"

Ready to make a change?  

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